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Our History

Written by (Late) Mrs.Rani Jeyasekharan in 2015

It is now 50 years since Jeyasekharan Hospital was started. We thank God for all His mercies and guidance over the years.

In June 1965 Dr. N.D.Jeyasekharan left the Neyyoor Medical Mission after serving it for nearly 8 years. We started a nursing home with bare necessities. Those were difficult times for the Doctor and the nurses. But the confidence and trust of his patients, his very hard work DSC_2663 director_sand his tenacity of purpose along with the good will of friends and relatives helped us through.

The necessity to have a better nursing home was felt and it was decided that we build a set of rooms with basic amenities, a good theatre and a labour room. Those were times when there were no tar roads, no street lights and no traffic except a few lorries as it was an isolated corner of the town noted for it’s lorries and thieves. In spite of warnings from well wishers we started our work. It was the conviction of Dr. Jeyasekharan that if we can do our work t
o our satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the people who put their trust in us, “the world will find a beaten path to this place in spite of all it’s shortcomings”.

With great difficulty 50 patient’s rooms, operation theatre and labour room and a general ward were built – each brick cemented with the labour of Dr.Jeyasekharan and his dedicated staff.

The Jeyasekharan Nursing Home was opened with a public meeting on November 15th 1967 by Dr.A.Asirvatham the Principal and Dean of Madurai Medical College and a former teacher of Dr.Jeyasekharan at Madras Medical College.

Patients soon started coming in from distant places. They found the place quiet and healthy.

We are happy that the small hospital that was started 50 years ago has grown into an institution. It is now recognized by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi. Elective Medical Students from U.K and Germany have been coming here for their elective postings.

Dr. N.D. Jeyasekharan’s sons carry on the work he started. So many changes have come and so many more challenges are awaiting. It was and always will be my wish and prayer that our children with their loyal and dedicated staff will together continue their humanitarian work still better with humility, dedication, compassion and with complete trust in God’s guidance.

– Mrs. Rani Jeyasekharan, M.Sc.
Director, Dr.Jeyasekharan Medical Trust (1965 – 2017)


Our beloved Director, Mrs.Rani Jeyasekharan, passed away on July 30th 2017. She has left an incredible legacy and we hope to continue her dream.