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Dietary Counselling

A right diet leads to a right life. We provide specialised counselling for food based treatment to manage a variety of health conditions. Our special diet implements provide you the best of all ways to lead a healthy life. Diet plays a significant role not only in the maintenance of health conditions of individuals but also in the early recovery from an illness of a patient.

Good nutrition is a basic component of health and is essential for normal growth and development, not only physically but also intellectually. Since food and food systems play a very important role in the health of a human being, the dietary department in a hospital is an essential one. Our hospital gives effective diet related counselling to both inpatients and outpatients.

There is a well-equipped lab for demonstration to patients and relatives to complement the advice given on dietary care. Several pamphlets related to dietary issues for specific medical conditions are also available in the department for patient information. We provide dietary counselling and diet chart for diabetes, kidney problems, cardiac problems, thyroid, obesity, hyper tension and more.


  • To improve the health status of people by giving proper counselling about diet to patients
  • Our objective as dietary consultants is to enable happy lives with proper food systems
  • The dietary department in the hospital also plays a vital role that helps in the quick recovery of the patients from major diseased conditions
  • Our hospital is equipped with all the necessary requirements and various charts and posters to fulfill the needs of our patients.