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Clinical Research

Clinical Research in the Hospital is still being conceptualised; while we have been involved in several multicentric trials, we are in the process of developing our own systems to study local disease patterns and therapeutic responses. Junior Doctors with an interest/ past experience in epidemiology and research are welcome to apply for short term (non funded) projects using our excellent hospital records.

Clinical Research in Surgery:

  • Predictive value of CRP in acute pancreatitis – Dr Basil Mathew
  • Non variceal upper GI bleed – Dr Rajagopalan G
  • Clinical predictors of operative difficulty in Laparoscopic cholecystectomy –  Dr Anand K
  • Comparative study cosmetic outcome of surgical incisions with scalpel and diathermy- Dr Anup
  • Benign breast disease –  A comprehensive study
  • Upper GI scopy prior to cholecystectomy, yes or no? – Dr Pradeep

Clinical Research in Anaesthesia:

S.no.Name of candidateDNB PeriodName of ThesisGuideCo-Guide
1Dr.Viraj Naik Namshikar (Pass)13.09.2005 to 12.09.2007Comparison of intrathecal bupivacaine with combination of bupivacaine & buprenorphine in lower abdominal surgeries.Dr.Renu Devaprasath--
2Dr.P.Bhuvana09.09.2005 to 08.09.2008Comparison of the efficacy between propofol & fentanyl Vs ketamine & midazolam for total intravenous anesthesia in patients posted for postpartum abdominal tubectomy.Dr.Renu Devaprasath--
3Dr.Alwin Lal S (Pass)01.02.2007 to 31.01.2009Comparison of epidural infusion of bupivacaine with fentanyl Vs bupivacaine with beprenorphin in abdominal hysterectomiesDr.Renu Devaprasath--
4Dr.Nadar Kranappu Solomon (Pass)15.02.2009 to 14.02.2012Effect of a single dose of Gabapentin given preoperatively on postoperative pain in abdominal hysterectomy patients.Dr.Renu Devaprasath--
5Dr.Chetan Madhav Pataki (Pass)30.04.2011 to 20.04.2014A comparative study between proseal LMA & I-Gel LMA for ease of insertion & hemodynamic changes during elective surgical proceduresDr.M.KannanDr.Jeyanthan.T.
6Dr.G.Rajashekar Reddy (Pass)12.05.2011 to 11.05.2014Comparison of onset & duration of analgesia between bupivacaine & ropivacaine in sciatic nerve block combines with saphenous nerve block for surgeries below the kneeDr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Nishal Perumal
7Dr.Mohan. N.13.04.2012 to 12.04.2015A comparative study between intrathecal buprenorphine and clonidine with hyperbaric bupivacaine for duration of analgesia following subarachnoid block.Dr.M.KannanDr.Nishal Perumal
8Dr.Vijay Kumar Reddy14.04.2012 to 13.04.2015A comparative study of the incidence of post dural puncture headache using 27g quincke versus whitacre needle following subarachnoid blockadeDr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Jeyanthan.T.
9Dr.R.Lavanya27.05.2013 to 26.05.2016Effect of dexmeditomidine on the hemodynamic changes after endotracheal intubation in patients coming for elective laprascopic surgeriesDr.M.KannanDr.Nishal Perumal
10Dr.R.Srihari16.10.2013 to 15.10.2016Sevoflurane versus propofol induction for ease of insertion of laryngeal mask airway Ð a prospective randomized studyDr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Jeyanthan.T.
11Dr. Sukeshini M.Tamgadge03.10.2013 to 02.10.2015Comparative study of the effectiveness between ropivacaine and bupivacaine following intercostal nerve block on the requirement of post operative analgesiain percutaneous nephrolithotomy patientsDr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Jeyanthan.T.
12Dr. Mahendra Kumar S N M03.10.2013 to 02.10.2015A comparative study of ramosetron with ondansetron for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing ENT surgeriesDr.M.KannanDr.Nishal Perumal
13Dr.Geo Navin Jude G10.02.2014 to 09.02.2016Duration of intense paralysis following induction of neuromuscular blockade using vecuronium vs Atracurium as assessed by train of four stimulation: A Prospective Randomised control study.Dr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Jeyanthan.T.
14Dr.Karlapudi Rajasekhar20.05.2015 to 20.05.2018A prospective randomized comparative study of intubating view with kingvision¨ video laryngoscope vs Macintosh laryngoscopeDr.Renu DevaprasathDr.Jeyanthan.T.
15Dr.M.Pratyusha20.05.2015 to 20.05.2018Role of glycopyrrolate in the reduction of hypotension in abdominal hysterectomy patients following subarachnoid block-a prospective randomised controlled trialDr.Nishal Perumal--