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Urogynaecology as a subspecialty has been started in the Department. Minimally invasive procedures for stress incontinence like TOT, TVT etc are routinely performed here.

Stress Urinary Incontinence is a sudden increase in intra abdominal pressure that causes involuntary urine flow. It is the result of incompetence of the bladder outlet or urethral closure.

However, this is a common problem, so if you are affected, don’t hesitate any longer to consult your doctor.

Methods of treatment

There is a simple treatment method for this condition that is commonly done in our country nowadays at less expense and the patient be back to normal in less than 2 days. This treatment can be performed in 15 minutes without blood loss by fixing a thin net like material called Trans-Obturator tape which does not have any side effects. After this surgery, no other medical treatment is required.

Dr.Jeyasekaran Medical Trust offers professional advice regarding this condition and its treatment. The treatment procedure will be performed by highly skilled urogynaecologists.

For further details consult your gynaecologist or urologist.