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Intensive Care Units (ICU)

Multi–disciplinary Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Over the years as we have grown into a referral hospital of repute in the district, we have been receiving several complex and unsettled patients who need extra care.

They are admitted, evaluated and treated in the 17-bedded Multi–disciplinary Intensive Care that is handled by two senior registrars along with a set of specially trained nurses who can manage any complex situation with in the MICU. The nursing ratio is always better than 1:2 and being multi-disciplinary, the ICU hosts patients from various specialties, whose consultants work with the residents in ICU to ensure their best possible care. The MICU also has an area and facilities for emergency surgical intervention/ resuscitation of trauma patients.

Every bed within the MICU is fitted with a bedside cardiac monitor, central oxygen and suction and electronic infusion pumps. We have fully equipped crash carts, which can be taken to any patient in an event of a cardiac arrest or a respiratory arrest. The MICU has facility for both non- invasive (CPAP) and invasive respiratory support of moribund patients including newer advanced ventilators like the HORUS and the Bennet Puritan 760. The MICU also has an arterial blood gas machine for better assessment of patients on ventilatory support. We also have facilities for transvenous pacing for cardiac emergencies and a service area dedicated to routine maintenance and upkeep of all the electronic equipment that is so crucial to modern critical care practice.

Neonatal ICU

We have two Neonatal ICUs  that are managed by the consultants of the department of Pediatrics and experienced nursing staff. The facilities available there in addition to standard nutritional and medical support include:

  • Double and single surface Phototherapy
  • Radiant heat warmers
  • Infusion pumps

Cardiac ICU

We have a cardiac care unit with monitors, fully equipped crash carts, defibrillators and facilities for thrombolysis and internal and external pacing.

Surgical ICU

The hospital has a 20 bedded surgical intensive care/ post operative ward with nursing staff especially trained in pain management and post op care. The surgical specialties share the ward and the patients are managed by both the surgical team and the department of anaesthesia. Pulse oximeters and monitors aid the staff in monitoring patients and the ard also has facilities for mechanical ventilation of sick and immediate post op patients.

Cottage High Dependency

Bearing in mind the high costs of modern medicine and the economic situation of many people in our country, we also have a low cost intermediary care area with good nursing supervision where patients who do not absolutely need high end electronic life support but do need more attention than normal are kept if they cannot afford ICU costs.