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Paediatrics/ Paediatric Surgery

DSC_2405wThe Paediatric department of this hospital is well staffed and equipped. There are four Paediatricians looking after the outpatient and inpatient needs. There is a duty Paediatrician available round the clock for any emergency needs.

The Outpatient department functions from 9 am to 7 pm everyday and the average Paediatric Outpatient caters to around 150-200 patients per day and most of patients come from in and around the town and from nearby villages. Children up to the age of 18 are seen in the department.

The Inpatient faciliaties include Level II PICU (Paediatric ICU), a Paed Step down ward, a general ward and private rooms apart from the Level II NICU (Neonatal ICU).  There is an average of 500-700 IP admissions a month. Infective conditions and respiratory disorders are the most common admissions. The department is equipped for all emergency management with ventilators, portable X-Ray units, Bedside sonography etc.

There are around 100-150 deliveries that are carried out here per month and the NICU staffs are well trained for Level II care. The department is well equipped with Warmers, Phototherapy units, Infusion pumps, Ventilators etc. Exchange transfusions, Partial parental nutrition and newborn surgeries are done here.

The department is a referral unit for many hospitals in and around Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli district and has presented and published papers in major conferences and journals. Medical students from various countries have had their training in this department.

Paediatric surgery

Dr.Sivarajan M.Ch works with the General Surgery team at NDJH on Paediatric Surgery cases. A wide range of cases are done here (including newborn surgeries) as per need; benefiting from the good support systems in place for the handling of sick babies, both from the department of anaesthesiology and from the department of paediatrics.