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Pulmonology and Chest Diseases

The hospital has a full-fledged pulmonology department offering regular treatment for outpatients and inpatients with Intensive Respiratory Care facilities.

Complete management of all kinds of chest diseases including Asthma, COPD, occupational lung diseases, pleural diseases, respiratory emergencies, pulmonary tuberculosis, eosinophilic lung diseases allergy, etc. are done here.

The routine diagnostic investigations used for treatment include blood tests, chest X–rays, ultrasonogram of chest, spirometry, C.T. scan of chest, Arterial Blood Gas analysis as per the merits of the disease. The hospital has a well equipped dedicated Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit (MICU) to handle respiratory emergencies. ABG, pulse oximetry and Ventilators with all weaning modes. Non-invasive ventilator along with facilities to place intercostal drainage tubes for pleural diseases including CPAP/BIPAP and noninvasive ventilatory modes (NIPPV) are used.

Other added features :

Pulmonary function laboratory : Computerized lung function studies is used for diagnosing various chest diseases and for assessing lung capacity in smokers by periodic testing. Useful in diagnosing and monitoring Asthma, COPD and restrictive diseases which includes flow volume loops and all parameters.

Flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy (FOB) : It is a new modality of directly seeing the inside of the lungs to observe the pathology and for performing procedures like tumor biopsy, washings and lung lavage. Computer generated images of bronchoscopy are handed over to patients in form of printouts. Used in intensive care settings for therapeutic lung washings and for opening collapsed lungs.

Future Plans :

  • Sleep medicine with sleep lab.
  • To start Thoracic Surgery for lung cases.