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Outreach programmes & Public Health

EARC: Public Health Education

Prehospital Care has been an area of interest to Dr.Renu Devaprasath and in addition to setting up the EARC mentioned above, she takes practically relevant ‘first aid’ classes on demand. Sessions have included:

  • Practical training for Fire Fighters held on 24-06-2002 & 25-06-2002 and then 18-06-2004 to 20-06-2004.
  • Basic Life Support classes and practical demonstration for:
    • Physical Educators of all the schools in Nagercoil
    • Taxi Drivers of the kanyakumari district Taxi Driver’s Association.

Any organization interested in availing of a similar opportunity may contact Dr. Renu at the Hospital (04652-230020) or through e-mail at renuprasath@gmail.com


The NDJH organises several free medical camps both in conjunction with the government and as an institution alone. Some of the recent ones include:

  1. Osteoporosis Detection Camp for bone density check-up for patients was conducted on 02-12-2000.
  2. PCNL surgery camp conducted on 27-12-2000 with the help of Dr.S.V.Kandaswamy, Coimbatore.
  3. Medical camps at Maramalai were conducted on 10-06-2001 and 19-08-2001.
  4. Hepatitis B Immunization camps conducted on August and September 2001.
  5. Pulse Polio Immunization Camps were conducted in January and February 2002.
  6. Laparoscopic Workshop organized by NDJH and Johnson &6 Johnson held on 28-07-2002. Laparoscopic Surgeons – Dr. John Thanakumar of Kovai and Dr.Ranjan of Salem.
  7. Typhoid Vaccination Camp for children between 2 years and 12 years held in 02-10-2002.
  8. Osteoporosis camp held on 11-04-2003.
  9. Gynae Medical Camp held on 17 th & 18 th May 2003.
  10. BPH (Prostate) Camp held on 20-07-2003.
  11. BPH (Urology) camp held on 23-09-2003.
  12. Medical camp at Maramalai was conducted on 24-08-2003.
  13. NDJH and Madras medical Mission, Chennai jointly organized a free Cardiac Camp for Children upto 12 years on 24-01-2004 and 25-01-2004.
  14. Pulse Polio Immunization Camps were conducted in January and February 2004.
  15. Arthroscopy Camp held on 01-04-2004 – Dr. David Rajan operated the selected patients on 12 th & 13 th of April 2004.
  16. NDJH and G.K.N.M. Hospital, Coimbatore jointly conducted a Cardiac Disease Evaluation programme for Adults on 17-04-2004 and 18-04-2004.
  17. Osteoporosis Detection Camp held on 19-07-2004.
  18. BPH camp conducted in 07-09-2004.
  19. Bone Mineral Density Camp conducted on 27-10-2004.
  20. Urine Flow Study for Women camp conducted on 30-01-2005.

Patient Education Programmes

The hospital also conducts free education programmes for patients and their relative on the following topics within the campus. Further details can be sought at the registration counters.

  1. Patient awareness programme on Diabetes held on the 4 th Friday of each month.
  2. Paediatric Asthma programme
  3. Patient education programme on Hypertension
  4. Patient education programme on Urinary Stones
  5. Patient awareness programme on Menopause

Tsunami Relief

The recent tragedy that struck this part of the world (Kanyakumari District was one of the worst hit in India) also brought us closer to many across the world who have generously allowed us to channel their aid to two target villages (Pallam and Annainagar).