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Maxillofacial Surgery

The spectrum of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery performed here at Dr. Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home includes:

1. Facial traumatology : Mandibular, maxillary, zygomatic and naso-orbital fraction reduction and rigid internal fixation.

2. Orthognathic surgery : Correction of mal-algimed jaws (pretended or retended jaws or teeth)

3. Cleft lip and palate : Primary surgeries to correct congenital deformation like cleft lip, alveolar and palate

4. Dento alveolar surgery : Minor surgeries relating to the teeth generally performed under local anaesthesia.

5. Maxillofacial pathology : Cysts and tumours (both benign and malignant) in the facio-maxiallary region.

6. Temporomandibular joint related surgeries : Including bony TMJ ankylosis.

7. Maxillofacial infections :
Various space infections in the facio-maxiallary region.

We have also been recognised for the Smile Train.