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DNB – General Surgery

Track Record of all the Candidates Registered with this Institution in General Surgery

Date of first recognition by NBE : 1991 ( 11-04-1991) / 2003 (09-06-2003)
No. of candidates allowed per year : Two per year


Name of the CandidateNBE- Registration NumberYear in which appeared for final ExaminationYear of Thesis AcceptanceResult
(Pass / Fail / Awaited)
Dr. T.A. KumaresanPR/SURG/495.Aug-04PassedPassed
Dr. T. Vishnu PonsinghPR/SURG/100Jun-07Jun.2007PassedPassed
Dr. Pradhan Mugdha DileepPR/SURG/C/141/06Jul.2009Jun.2009PassedPassed
Dr.Diwakar R. SharmaPR/SURG/C/9/07Dec.2009PassedPassed
Dr. P. ManjunadhPR/SURG/C/87/07Mar.2012Jun.2010PassedPassed
Dr.Showkat Gani FaktooPR/SURG/C/88/07Mar.2012Jun.2010PassedPassed
Dr. S. ElilnambiPR/TNDJH/09122SUR3Jun.2012Jun.2012PassedPassed
Dr.Prem Kumar BattinaPR/TNDJH/10070SUR3Dec.2012Dec.2012PassedPassed
Dr. Mudireddy Ravindra ReddyPR/TNDJH/10071SUR3Dec.2012Dec.2012PassedPassed
Dr.Sharukh Sami112-41127-111-100799Dec.2013Jun.2013PassedPassed
Dr.Pratyush Ranjan112-41127-111-100797Dec.2013Jan.2014PassedPassed
Dr.T. Sivasankar112-41127-122-105563Jun.2015Dec.2015PassedAwaited
Dr. Basil MathewReg.No.AwaitedJun.2016-Still undergoing the course
Dr. G. RajagopalanReg.No.AwaitedJun.2016-Still undergoing the course
Dr. K. AnandReg.No.AwaitedJun.2017-Still undergoing the course
Dr.Anup Rajeev MannaliReg.No.AwaitedJun.2017-Still undergoing the course
Dr.Sai KishoreReg.No.AwaitedJun.2018-Still undergoing the course
Dr. Nagella Pradeep Kumar ReddyReg.No.AwaitedJun.2018-Still undergoing the course

If you would like to contact any of the above candidates for more information, please email us for their contact details.