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The department of Biochemistry is headed by Dr.V.Duvinharvi (Ph.D) and handles a large amount of material from the hospital. A major stride in the growth of the department was the purchase of an auto-analyser in 2004 to facilitate the speed and accuracy of biochemical diagnostics provided in the hospital.

Some of the more advanced equipment in the department includes:

  • Fully automated Biochemistry Analyser, Beckman Coulter AU480
  • Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyser COBAS c311
  • Electro Chemiluminescence Analyser COBAS e411
  • Semi-Auto Analyser machines – Beckman Coulter Access2 Immunoassay system
  • Electrolytes Analysers – ECS 2000
  • Flame photometer 129 – Semi Auto Chemistry Analyser Auto lab versa
  • Nycocard Readers – Axis Shield

In addition to routine biochemical investigations, a few special investigations done in the lab are mentioned below: