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Human Resources

During the early years of this institution, DSC_0684_HR our founder Late Dr. N.D. Jeyasekharan headed most of the supporting departments including HR in this institution with his wife Mrs. Rani Jeyasekharan. He appointed staff on the basis of discipline, dedication, humility and trust.  Over the years as the employee strength started to increase and, it was realized to have a separate HR department which would take care of the human resources planning, appointing, training, retaining and staff care. Now we have around 700 staff and 90 doctors. Staff grievances are handled diplomatically. Every staff is treated as a family member.

The scope of HR department is very wide:

  1. Personnel aspect- Concerned with manpower planning, recruitment and more
  2. Welfare aspect- Deals with working conditions and amenities
  3. Grievance and disciplinary procedures, settlement of disputes

Human resource or manpower planning is critical to the success of organizational strategy and planning. Human Resource planning is concerned not only to ensure appropriate levels of staffing, but also to develop, implement, monitor and sustain effective personnel policies, to satisfy the Hospital requirements and development needs of the future.

The main purpose of this staff planning process is to ascertain the needs with respect to the number of personnel with appropriate qualification, experience and skills required to fulfill the Hospital’s mission and to work towards meeting the patient needs. The organization maintains an adequate number and mix of staff to meet the care, treatment and service needs of the patient.

Employee’s Responsibilities

  • Maintain Office/organization decorum
  • Adhere  to punctuality regarding duty timings and lunch hours
  • Maintain quiet, clean and hygienic environment and a clean desk
  • Inform HRD, in case of Change in Address, Telephone No. or any other relevant personal information
  • To report anyone involved in fraud, corruption, favoritism, mal-administration and any other act which constitutes an offense irrespective of his or her position.
  • Handle Institutional equipment carefully
  • Switch Off PCs and electrical equipments before leaving the work place as indicated.
  • Strictly adhere to all Rules and Regulations of the Institution
  • Maintain confidential information gained or received during employment with the Institution
  • Assist in maintaining good and healthy relations with colleagues and patients
  • Assist in protecting Patient Rights and ensuring Patient Responsibilities
  • Avoid screensavers/ backgrounds which are not of good taste/ sensibility to other employee/s
  • Avoid slang language/ personal conversation, offending others
  • To remain in the hospital premises, while on duty.
  • To use office property or document received during the employment only for official purposes