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  • Fax : +91 (0) 4652 230405


1Dr. Renu DevaprasathD.N.B.(Anaesth)F.P.M.(Palliative Medicine)On Call (Monday to Saturday)
3Dr. Gnanamoni S.M.B.B.S.9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday - Saturday
4Dr. Nishal Perumal S.M.D (Anaesth)10.00 am - 1.00 pm Sundays
2Dr. Rajendran N.M.B.B.S.
5Dr. Jeyanthan TM.D.(Anaes)One of the Anaesthesiologist will be available for the OPD as per duty roster.
6Dr. Anand Karthik S.M.B.B.S., DA (Anaes.)
7Dr. Kannan M.M.D., D.A (Anaesthesia)
9Dr. Geo Navin Jude GD.A., DNB
10Dr. Karlapudi RajasekharM.B.B.S., DNB Registrar
11Dr. Pratyusha MM.B.B.S., DNB Registrar
12Dr.Unnikrishnan C.P.M.B.B.S., DNB Registrar
13Dr. HariprasadM.B.B.S., DNB Registrar