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World Oral re-hydration solution day

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On 29.07.2018, Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital organized an ORS day Presentation and Demonstration, focusing on the theme “ORS All the Day Keeps Dehydration at Bay” by WHO for the year 2018 at Dr.Jeyasekharan hospital Auditorium.
The programme was organized highlighting the importance of ORS as a  cost effective method of caring for children with dehydration.
The programme was conducted between 10.30am-12.00Noon for 50 participants comprising of patients and nursing students. The presentation started with a welcome note and introduction by Dr.Gopal Subramaniom followed by Dr.Sunil, who gave a speech about the importance of administering oral rehydration solution.
The presentation on ORS, its importance, indications, preparation of ORS, amount of ORS for various age groups etc was done by Mrs.Darbi, Nursing Tutor. The School of Nursing students with the support of Mrs.Ajitha, Nursing Tutor demonstrated how to prepare the ORS drink which is available in powder form.
Dr.Sarayu Priya guided the presentation and demonstration. Vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Mabel Samson.