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The World Heart day was celebrated at Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust with the theme of Use Heart to Connect Every Heart on 29.09.2021 to create awareness about Cardiovascular diseases and its Prevention.

As the world struggles to fight COVID-19, we’ve never been more aware of the importance of our and our loved one’s health. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the world’s number one killer, resulting in 18.6 million deaths a year.

For the 520 million people living with CVD, COVID-19 has been heart breaking. They have been more at risk of developing severe forms of the virus. And many have been afraid to attend routine and emergency appointments, and have become isolated from friends and family. In this pandemic situation we are in need of finding different and innovative ways to connect people to heart health.

On significance of World heart day the Health talk on Cardiovascular diseases and its prevention was given to the OPD patients by the Cardiac Technician and Nursing students and the flyers about Heart health were distributed to the patients and their relatives.

In the view of creating public awareness the poster competition was conducted on 27.09.2021 by the Cardiology department. Certificate of Appreciation and prizes were distributed to the prize winners and Certificate of Participation were distributed to all the students who have actively participated in the competition.

Trustees, Administrators, Hospital staff and students of Dr.Jeyasekharan Medical Trust College and School of Nursing, Allied Health Sciences and School of Paramedical Education enthusiastically participated in the World Heart day Celebration.