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World Anaesthesia Day Celebration

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The World Anaesthesia Day Celebration -16.10.2018

Dr. Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home & Dr.JMT College of Allied Health Sciences, in Nagercoil celebrated the World Anaesthesia Day on October 16 – 2018, in a unique way.

October 16 is celebrated all over the world as World Anaesthesia Day. It was on this day, in 1846, that William T.G. Morton made history by being the first in the world to publicly and successfully demonstrate surgery being performed without pain by using Ether anaesthesia at Ether Dome Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA, which is attached to Harvard School of Medicine. This Discovery of Anaesthesia led to advance the medical science especially in the field of surgery and till now is considered as among the top 10 Important Medical discoveries in the world.

The programme was started with prayer song by College choir. Ms. Iswarya, 3rd year BSc. OTAT student welcomed the gathering followed by lighting the kuthuvilakku done by dignitaries.

The following dignitaries addressed the participants

  1. Devaprasath Jeyasekharan – Managing Trustee
  2. Sabu Jeyasekharan -Trustee
  3. Ranjit Jeyasekharan – Trustee
  4. Renu Devaprasath – Medical Administrator
  5. Bala Vidhya Sagar – Laparoscopic Surgeon
  6. Geo Navin Jude – Consultant Anaethesiologist
  7. Gnana Nikays Judson – Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Renu Devaprasath, Medical Administrator & HOD Dept of Anaesthesia unfolded the Anesthesia day theme – Empowering Laypersons on Compressions Only Life Support (COLS) to save lives. Doubled their joy by enjoying the cake cutting by the dignitaries as significance of ceremony.

Dr. Devaprasath Jeyasekharan, Managing Trustee, Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust delivered the Anaesthesia day message. He emphasized the need and importance of Compression only life support as it could preserve the circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain and can be done by bystanders without any delay and he shared the resuscitation experience of saved a life of a victim of RTA.

Dr. Sabu Jeyasekharan, Trustee, Dr. Ranjit Jeyasekharan, Trustee, Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust delivered the world anaesthesia day messages to the participants. Then the poster presentation competition prize winners are awarded with gifts by Trustees which was conducted on 15.10.2018 in the theme: Anaesthesia for Past Present Future. The prize winner are 1st prize – Ms. Thoufiya Ibrahim, Internship OTAT student, 2nd prize – Mr. Eswaran, Third year OTAT student, 3rd prize – Mr. Gurunathan, Third year OTAT student.

The presentation on History of Anaesthesia made by Mr. Kabil, 2nd year BSc,OTAT student and History of Surgery presentation was by Mr. Anujith 3rd year BSc,OTAT student . The need and importance of Anaesthesia Day Celebration was presented by Mr. Muralidharan, 3rd year BSc, OTAT student and the Vote of thanks given by Ms. Divyabala 2nd year BSc, OTAT student.

On celebration of World Anaesthesia day Compressions Only Life Support was taught to the students of First year B.Sc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology & Dialysis Technology & Diploma Aneasethesia and Critical Care Technology & Dialysis Technology.

Presentation on Compressions Only Life Support (COLS) done by Dr. Renu Devaprasath, HOD Dept of Anaesthesia. She explained the content with demonstration.

After the presentation the delegates were divided into 3 groups and they practiced the COLS under the supervision of instructors Mrs. Jeyalakshmi, Mrs. Lettishia and Nursing Tutor Mrs. Partholomia Prise. Each participant had the opportunity to practice. Total of 47 students are trained in COLS and gained confidence to save lives.

The program ended with National Anthem.