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Successful Kidney Transplant Surgery at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital & Nursing Home, Nagercoil.

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A successful Kidney Transplant surgery was performed at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital & Nursing Home on 09-03-2018 by a team of doctors led by Dr.Devaprasath Jeyasekharan. The statement issued by the Transplant Team is as follows:

A 49 Year old gentleman from verkilambi, kanyakumari district was suffering from chronic kidney disease – stage 5(Kidney failure) and was undergoing hemodialysis for the past two years. His wife 43 year old lady was keen to donateone of her kidney to save her husband. The couple approached Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital & Nursing Home which is a Govt. approved kidney transplant center in Kanyakumari District. Dr.Ninoo George who is the consultant Nephrologist suggested a transplant and performed the necessary investigations.The wife’s kidney was found to be suitable for her husband according to the pre-transplant testing.

Under the leadership of Dr.Devaprasath Jeyasekharan (Urology), a team comprising of the following doctors; Dr.Ninoo George (Nephrology), Dr.Muthu (Urology), Dr.Deepak David (Urology), Dr.Raguram (Urology), Dr.Renjith kumar (Urology), Dr.Renu Devaprasath (Anaes), Dr.Jeyanthan (Anaes), Dr.Nishal Perumal (Anaes), Dr.Anand Karthik (Anaes) and Dr.Geo Navin Jude (Anaes) performed the kidney transplant on 9th March 2018.

The donor’s kidney immediately started functioning in the patient following which there was steady improvement in the patients’ health and general condition. The serum Creatinine level decreased to 1.2 mg/dl. The patient was discharged and advised to follow-up in the Out Patient Dept. Incidentally this is the second kidney transplant done in this institution.

Regarding this, the patient said: I was suffering from chronic kidney disease – stage 5 (Kidney failure) for the last two years. I had to undergo dialysis weekly two or three times, which made my life miserable. When my wife decided to donate her kidney, I felt very happy and hopeful. We approached Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital which is a Govt. approved kidney transplant center in Kanyakumari District. The team of doctors there guided us properly and performed the kidney transplantation successfully at an affordable cost. We are very happy that by performing kidney transplantation, I am not only able to stop lifelong dialysis but also able to achieve good quality of life. We thank the doctors of Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital for performing the kidney transplantation.