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Live Operative Workshop on Hypospadias & Free Hypospadias Screening Camp

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Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home, Centre for Renal Diseases organized a Free Hypospadias Camp on 14.11.2017, 21.11.2017 and 28.11.2017.

The formal inauguration of the camp was done by Dr.Devaprasath Jeyasekharan on 14.11.2017 by 9:00am.

Hypospadias is a congenital disorder of the urethra where the urinary opening is not at the usual location on the TIP of the penis. It is the second-most common birth abnormality of the male reproductive system, affecting about one of every 250 males at birth.

For every male, the urinary orifice is right at the tip of the penis, whereas in this condition the orifice is on the under surface of the penis from the tip to the penoscrotal junction or even in the perineum, and if the orifice is not in the right place then the simple art of passing urine becomes a chore.

Surgery is usually recommended for hypospadias, with the goal to restore normal appearance and function to the penis. Over 25 patients registered for the camp and 15 were selected for surgery after screening.

“Live Operative Workshop on Hypospadias” at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home, Nagercoil

Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home, Centre for Renal Diseases in association with Kanyakumari Urology Club organized a two days Live Operative Workshop on  Hypospadias” on 8th& 9th December 2017 at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital and Nursing Home, Nagercoil by Dr.Sripathi (Paediatric Urologist, Hospital, Chennai).

The workshop had been thoughtfully designed, and included recent advancements in paediatric urological surgeries. Children with birth defects in the urinary system were operated on during the workshop and the live audio-visual transmission was arranged at Medical Library. A total of 33 delegates have registered for this workshop.

“The workshop is aimed at highlighting the new specialty of Paediatric urology”.

December 8th, First day of workshop:

The workshop was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr.Sripathi (Paediatric Urologist, Apollo Children’s Hospital, Chennai) on 8th December 2017. Followed by Live operation was done by Dr.Sripathi and his team of Doctors.

Dr.R.M.Sathish Kumar vellammal Medical College of Research Institute, Madurai discussed about Development Anatomy and Congenital Anomalies of male genitalia.

Prof. Dr.Mossadeq, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research institute, Pondicherry discussed the classification and evolution of surgical procedure in hypospadias repair.  His presentation was very informative and also included various pictorial representation of surgical procedure.

December 9th, second day of workshop:

Dr.Sripathi, Apollo children’s hospital Chennai discussed about management of complications & Hypospadias cripple. Follow by live operation.

Dr.Jacob Swaroob Anand discussed about the Management of buried penis & penile lengthening Surgeries.

The workshop was ended by Vote of thanks by Dr.Deepak David, Consultant Urologist.

Urologists, Paediatric Surgeons, DNB (surgery) Post Graduate doctors, Plastic surgeons participated and interacted during Live Operative workshop. Post Graduate doctors in urology find this workshop very useful.

All necessary infection control protocols were observed and excellent post operative care was provided to all the patients who has used this opportunity and done the surgery.

 Surgical team:

Dr.Devaprasath Jeyasekharan, Urologist,HOD- JMT (Centre for Renal Diseases)
Dr.Sripathi, (Paed. Urologist) (Apollo) Chennai.
Dr.Dinesh Kumar, JMT (Paed. Surgery)
Dr.Aparajita Mitra, (Apollo)  (Paed. Surgery) Chennai.
Dr. Vijay Mahantesh Samalad, (Apollo) (Paed. Surgery) Chennai.

Anaesthesia team:

Dr. Renu Devaprasath, JMT
Dr.R.Jayanthi, (Apollo) Chennai.
Dr.Nishal Perumal, JMT
Dr.Anand Kartik, JMT
Dr.Geo Navin, JMT
Dr.Hari Prasad, JMT
Dr.Unni Krishnan, JMT
Dr.Rubiya Sultana, JMT
Dr.Renjit, JMT
OT – Nurses / Technicians

Invited Faculty:

Dr.R.M.Sathish Kumar,
Prof. Dr.Mossadeq,
Dr.Jacob Swaroob Anand.

Organizing Team:

Dr.Deepak David, Consultant, JMT (Centre for Renal Diseases)
Mr.A.Radhan Prakash, Liaison Officer, JMT
Mr.R.Ronald Jeya Singh, PRO- JMT