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Extreme Preterm Neonate born at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital

Posted on by Gitanjali Sabu

This extreme preterm neonate born on 24-12-2013 with birth weight of 970 grams and gestation age of 26 weeks and 2 days delivered normaly was admitted with respiratory distress in our hospital. Baby was ventilated and administered one dose of surfactant after initial CPAP (Continous Positive Airway Pressure) therapy. Parentral Nutrition was maintained using PICC line and ventilation continued. Higher antibiotics were adminstered in view of possibility of Congential pneumonia. On day 4 of life baby had profuse ET bleed suggestive of pulmonary hemorrhage which was suitably managed with higher ventilatory pressure and Fentanyl infusion, blood transfusion and Fresh Frozen Plasma. On Day 6 of life baby was extubated under caffeine cover and put on non invasive mode of ventilation using, short Binasal prongs with FiO2 of 21%. On Day 5 of life enteral nutrition with expressed breast milk was started and increased gradually with enteral probiotics. Now on Day 20 of life baby has reached to near full feeds, apnoea free, gaining weight and on kangaroo mother care to promote easy bonding and to support baby friendly hospital initiative norms.

Dr. T. Ramesh Kumar, D.M. (Neo.)