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Dengue Awareness Programme

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Dr.Jeyasekharan Medical Trust College of Allied Health Sciences in association with The Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R. Medical University inaugurated the Dengue Awareness programme on 15th November 2017 at Dr.Jeyasekharan Hospital with the aim of creating awareness about Dengue fever among the public and control the Dengue related Deaths. The programme was inaugurated by Managing Trustee Dr. Devaprasath Jeyasekharan & Trustee cum Course Director Dr.Sabu Jeyasekharan. The programme commenced with introductory speech by Mr.Fadil Najim, Ms.Kalaselvi 2nd year Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology Students and they spoke about dengue and its history & incidence. Dengue is a viral disease spread by the bite of an infected mosquito Aedes aegypti. The mosquito gets the virus by biting the infected persons.  Dengue mosquitoes bite during the daytime.

Second year Dialysis Technology students Ms. Princy Shaji, Ms.Dhanushia and Fahmi Shamila emphasizes the prevention and treatment aspects of Dengue. Dengue mosquitoes bite during the daytime.  Protect from the mosquito bite through wearing full sleeve clothes and long dresses to cover the limbs, using of repellent, mosquito coils and electric vapour mats during the daytime and mosquito nets prevents mosquitoes bite. Siddha medicine and Natural medicine like fresh papaya leaves juice, Malai Vembu leaf juice, Nilavembu Kudineer drinking also can prevent the dengue.

Mr. Gurunathan and Ms.Betty Binay, 2nd year Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology Students spoke about Multiplication of Mosquitoes prevention through control of Mosquito breeding sources. Since mosquitoes live and breed in clean stagnant water in and around houses. Drain water from all types of objects like coolers, Tanks, barrels, drums, buckets, plant saucers, refrigerators, tins, cans, coconut shells and tyres. All stored water containers should be kept covered all the time. In this programme students actively educated the patients and their relatives about Dengue at OPD Adult & Paediatric OPD, Anisha Block and D Block. Dengue awareness Pamphlets and hand-outs are distributed to them.

About 150 students of various courses of Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust were participated in this programme. During the programme Administrator Mrs. Sujatha Ranjit, Nursing Administrator Mrs. Mabel Samson, Nurse Educator Cum Course Coordinator Mrs. Jeyalakshmi, Course Advisor Mrs. Helen Gnanraj and School of Nursing Principal Mrs. Sulochana Stephen and Staffs were present.

Prevent the Mosquito Bite and Control the Dengue.