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Coronavirus COVID-19 awareness programme

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Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical Trust awareness programmes during the COVID-19 epidemic

On behalf of Dr. Jeyasekharan medical trust, the staff of Dr. Jeyasekharan Hospital & Nursing home and the faculties of Dr. Jeyasekharan College of Nursing participated together in creating awareness among the public to help stop spreading Novel corona virus COVID-19. The awareness program happened in various ways to ensure the maximum reach.  The program continued for three days (20, 21 & 23rd March of 2020) with six members.

Vehicle Campaign:

Since gathering crowd at one area is considered as high risk, the awareness messages were orated in a vehicle campaign. The campaign covered the following areas:

Day 1: Vadasery bus terminal, Vadasery Vegetable Market, Anna Bus Stand, Nagercoil Jn. Railway Station (Kottar), and the connecting roads.

Day 2: Parvathipuram Bus Stand, Chunkankadai, Aaloor, Thoppur, Asaripallam & surrounding sub-urban areas and nearby village panchayaths.

Day 3: District Collector office, Thuckalay Sub-Collector Office, Thuckalay Bus Stand, Thuckalay Vegetable Market and the connecting roads.


To ensure the maximum reach the awareness messages were distributed as printed leaflets carrying the message of self and community care.

Hand wash techniques:

Since one of the major way to prevent infection is washing hands frequently, the hand wash techniques was demonstrated to the public and encouraged them to wash their hands.

Masks to Local police& public:

As COVID – 19 is a highly contagious disease that is primarily spread by contact or proximity with an infected person, protecting our respiratory system is very important and Dr. Jeyasekharan Medical trust distributed single use sterile masks to the public as well as the local police who are more exposed to crowds.